Scrap Metal Collection

Scrap Metal Collection

The United Kingdom generates several million tonnes of scrap metal every year, which comes from various sources, such as households, commercial businesses, and numerous industries. A range of scrap metal is generated, including aluminium, brass, copper, steel, and iron.

These are expensive metals, and their constant demand from countless businesses implies that their usage can devastate natural resources, and the processing cost can be immense. The good news is that the United Kingdom has a high recycling rate for scrap metal, with over 90% recycled each year. This reduces the pressure on production and the waste for landfills.

At Elite Waste Removal, we follow the best industrial and safety standards to provide you with reliable and safe scrap metal collection, which can then be recycled or reused by a host of industries and businesses to make new products.

Scrap Metal Collections
Scrap Metals Collections
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Simple Process

Our experts follow a simple process.

  • We offer our customers convenience by giving them collection utilities, such as containers and bins, to collect all the scrap metal they produce.
  • Following a punctual schedule, our team collects the waste for further processing.
  • The waste is then sorted based on the metal type and may undergo melting, cutting, or shredding.
  • These metals are then sold to various businesses, depending on their requirements.
  • Our efforts help in energy conservation and environmental protection by considerably reducing waste going to landfills.

Compliance with Regulations

There are regulations governing the collection and recycling of scrap metal, which are designed to ensure that the industry operates safely and responsibly. At Elite Waste Removal, we ensure compliance with the following:

  1. Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013: This law mandates all scrap metal dealers to hold a license issued by the local authority – Elite Waste Removal is a licensed and authorised scrap metal collection and processing company.
  2. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations: These regulations require that certain types of electronic waste be recycled properly.
  3. Hazardous Waste Regulations: Hazardous waste, such as batteries and certain chemicals, must be handled and disposed of safely and responsibly.
  4. Health and Safety Regulations: Various health and safety regulations apply to the scrap metal industry. These include stipulations for personal protective equipment, safe working practices, and proper employee training.
  5. Environmental Regulations: The UK has various environmental regulations to ensure that the scrap metal industry operates in an environmentally responsible manner. This includes air and water pollution regulations, waste disposal, and more.

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Safe and Reliable Services

We ensure compliance with the above regulations and constantly train our employees to offer you safe and reliable scrap metal collection services. Together, our customers and we are building a better environment for people by collecting, reusing or recycling, and reselling essential resources to industries which provide jobs to thousands of people.

Complying with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, we offer our licensed services to those who need them and maintain proper records of all transactions. The identity of all sellers is verified to discourage theft and burglaries. While dealing with us, you can be sure you are in touch with a licensed and responsible business.

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We believe in providing convenience to our customers. You can take pictures of your scrap metal that needs to be collected and share them with us to get a reasonable quote for our services. You can also call us and arrange a visit by our expert to assess the amount and type of your scrap metal and get a price.

Why Choose Us?

  • We house licensed professionals and are 100% compliant with the relevant regulations.
  • Collection services are available for all types of scrap metal.
  • We can cater to all sizes of businesses as well as households.
  • We protect our environment by recycling and reusing.
  • Contact for highly competitive pricing compared to the market.

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