Scrap Metal Collection in Chelmsford

Scrap Metal Collection

Declutter your workplace and save your time and money on disposal costs with us. Elite Waste Removal offers an eco-friendly scrap metal collection service in Chelmsford to collect and recycle scrap metal from your home or business site.

We understand the importance of effective management of waste, housing a dedicated team to provide a reliable and timely collection of your scrap materials that ensures your business runs smoothly without disruption. With our services, you can focus on growing your business while we care for your waste management needs.

Scrap Metal Collection
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Advantages of Metal Scrap Collection Services

We take care of the Entire Process: Our metal scrap collection services take care of the collection, sorting, and disposal of scrap materials, saving businesses time and effort.

No Disruption to Business Operations: Our team for scrap collection in Chelmsford ensures a clean working environment for businesses that run without suffering any interruptions from our end.

Adherence to Sustainable Practices: Our scrap collection services aim for environmental sustainability, promoting the well-being of our people and the earth.

Revenue Generation: By hiring our services, businesses can generate additional revenue by selling scrap metal to recycling facilities.

Maintain a Safer Work Environment: Our local scrap metal collection in Chelmsford maintains a safe and clean working environment by removing potentially hazardous scrap materials from the workplace.

Enhanced Business Reputation: Businesses can improve their reputation as socially responsible organisations by following sustainable waste management practices.

Reduce the Cost of Waste Disposal: We can assist businesses in decreasing the cost of waste disposal and transportation by providing an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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Types of Scrap Metal

Elite Waste Removal deals with all types of scrap metal:

Ferrous Scrap: This includes iron and steel, the most commonly recycled metals that are difficult to manage by houses or firms.

Non-Ferrous Scrap: Our employees pick non-ferrous scrap such as copper, aluminium, brass, zinc, and nickel from your property.

Shredded Scrap: Our scrap metal collection Chelmsford collects shredded scrap, which can be melted down and recycled. Shredded scrap is often used in the production of new steel products.

Cast Iron Scrap: We also deal with cast iron objects, such as pipes, fittings, and engine blocks.

Stainless Steel Scrap: We collect scrap of stainless steel objects, such as kitchen appliances, sinks, and medical equipment.


Electronic Scrap: Our domestic scrap metal collection in Chelmsford deals with electronic scraps like computers, cell phones, and televisions. This scrap can contain valuable metals, such as silver and copper, which can be extracted and recycled.

Automotive Scrap: We work for automobile workshops to collect scrap from cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have reached the end of their useful life.

Industrial Scrap: Our collection team picks manufacturing and construction waste like steel beams, pipes, and other structural materials.

Elite Waste Removal is an all-in-one solution offering a comprehensive range of services for scrap metal collection Chelmsford. Our customers can find all the waste management services they need in one place without going to multiple providers. So, whether you need to declutter your warehouse, home or construction site, our dedicated team covers you in every possible manner.

We Deal In

  • Corporate scrap metal collection
  • Household scrap metal collection in Chelmsford
  • Industrial scrap metal collection
  • Scrap metal collection for the automotive sector
  • Construction industry scrap metal collection

Plan Your Metal Scrap Collection with Us

Elite Waste Removal offers a range of options to suit your needs, from scheduled collections to one-off pickups, and we can handle every type of scrap waste collection in Chelmsford. Whether you have a small amount of scrap or a large volume to dispose of, we’ve got you covered. With our years of experience and commitment to excellence, you can trust us in handling your scrap collection needs.